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Get a closer look at what Phantom Freelance can do for you

Below is a selective list of projects. I do a lot of custom code and misc work that is hard to show in a portfolio.
I'm happy to share, by request or answer any questions you may have about additional work and projects I've worked on.


Young Forever
Young Forever
Young ForeverDr. Mark Hyman's newest best selling book Phantom Freelance...
UpNext by Reelgood
UpNext by Reelgood
UpNext by ReelgoodDiscover the most-watched Top 10 Movies and TV...
Providence Health Care Ventures Website
Providence Health Care Ventures
PHC VenturesTechnology-driven solutions for complex health issues Phantom Freelance built...
OuterboundsDeveloping and deploying ML and data science projects Outerbounds needed...
The Pegan Diet
The Pegan Diet
The Pegan DietDr. Hyman's new best selling book Phantom Freelance...
Alaska Wildland Adventures
Alaska Wildland Adventures
Alaska Wildland Adventures Alaska's leader in lodge-based adventure travel Phantom...
RoZetta Technology Website
RoZetta Technology
RoZetta TechnologyFast-forwards into the future with a new website Phantom...
Dr. Hyman's Website
Dr. Mark Hyman
Dr. Mark Hyman American physician and New York Times best-selling...
BASECAMP Fitness & Lifestyle
BASECAMP Fitness & Lifestyle
Basecamp Fitness & LifestylePumping up the competition with a new...
Dhru Purohit Website
Dhru Purohit
Dhru Purohit Serial entrepreneur in the health and wellness industry...
Dr. Hyman's Food Fix Website
Food Fix
Food FixDr. Hyman's new best selling book Phantom Freelance built...
HY-TECH Drilling Website
HY-TECH Drilling
HY-TECH Drilling Shining a spotlight on the industries hardest working...
Food What the Heck Should I Cook? Website
Food What The Heck Should I Cook?
Food What the Heck Should I Cook?Dr. Hyman's brand-new cookbook...
PHC Medical Staff Website
PHC Medical Staff
PHC Medical StaffAn online home base for Physicians at Providence...
Dr. Hyman Landing Page Doctor's Farmacy
Doctor’s Farmacy
The Doctor's FarmacyPodcast Landing Page for Dr. Hyman Phantom Freelance...
The Daily Scan Website
The Daily Scan
The Daily Scan: A Journalism Microsite for Providence Health Care...
Acton Corporation Website
Acton Corporation
Acton Corporation - The ROI Specialists Phantom Freelance did a...
Dr. Hyman FOOD: The Book Website
FOOD: The Book
FOOD: The BookDr. Hyman's groundbreaking new book Phantom Freelance built...

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