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An Endorsement Goes A Long Way

Look Beyond the ResumÉ

Are you looking to carve out a space on the internet?

As a fully transparent developer I will never try to sell you something you don't need, even if you are running on a small start up budget I will always find a solution that works best without sacrificing your users experience. If you want to plant your proverbial flag on the world wide web you simply need to get in touch.

About Me


Keryn van der Dijken has always had a propensity for web development, even at the age of 12. She never dreamed that customizing some CSS and HTML on a virtual pet website would turn into a full blown career. Since then Keryn has graduated BCIT, twice. Both with an Associates Degree in Web Technologies and a Certificate of Technology in Software Systems Development. She continues to further her education both at BCIT and by self-instructed online learning.

After working at different agencies for almost 7 years, Keryn realized that her time would be better spent working one-on-one with clients and actually helping them achieve their goals rather than being a cog in a big business machine that only cares about profits. When she's not learning a new technology or helping clients with their businesses you can find her on the Dodgeball courts... yes you heard me right, I said Dodgeball.

Awards & Certifications

Articles & Interviews

In the midst of the storm she proved to be the safe haven I was looking for. I can't recommend Keryn highly enough!
Eyrun Thune

Volunteer Work

As a developer in a world where "sitting is the new smoking", Keryn is all about promoting team sport. She's highly involved in her local communities Dodgeball Associations and volunteers her time as an Executive member for Vancouver Dodgeball, Surrey Dodgeball and Coquitlam Dodgeball leagues.

Keryn currently manages the website and performs other IT services for the following organizations:

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