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Dhru Purohit
Serial entrepreneur in the health and wellness industry

Phantom Freelance built a personal website for Dhru Purohit that focuses primarily around his Podcast episodes of the Broken Brain Podcast. The site was made to be clean and sleek with easily digestible content.

Dhru Purohit Website

Entrepreneur and Podcast Host

While the website for Dhru Purohit might be a simple one, it packs a lot of punch in the Podcast department. As the CEO of Dr. Hyman Enterprises Dhru's personal site was created to be very similar to the backend of Dr. Hyman's website to make editing Podcast content on both sites uniform and easy to manage. Animated headers were utlized as well as Advanced Custom Fields for most of the backend work. Custom templates were created for the Podcast pages, two column pages and a custom search.

Dhru Purohit Mobile Website


Dhru Purohit is an entrepreneur, a contributing author to two New York Times Best-Sellers, host of The Broken Brain Podcast and CEO of Dr. Hyman Enterprises, Farmacy and the UltraWellness Center. He is also passionate about sociogenomics.

Dhru Purohit



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