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Website Audit

Find out what's really going on under the hood.

Hackers and SEO and Updates, Oh-My!
Where Do I Start?

Whether you've inherited a site from another company, haven't updated in 5 years or just really want to know how the heck it was built, my WordPress Website Audit will give you the answers you seek so you can rest easy.

  • Security (Backups, Firewalls, Users, etc.)

  • Updates (WordPress Core, Themes & Plugins)

  • Performance Test

  • Analytics Check

  • SEO Overview

  • General Observations

A basic overview of the above categories are included in all website audits. For special requests please contact me to discuss additional pricing options.

Website Audit

Why Audit?
Why Not!

The WordPress Website Audit I provide will bring to light any improvements to be made or issues that you may not be aware of. This will allow your site to function at a higher level and give you piece of mind that you're doing everything right.

Let's Investigate Your Sites Current Status

WordPress Audit | Website Audit

I help clients with WordPress websites get a better understanding of their sites overall status so they can increase page speed, improve search engine rankings, and reduce the risk of a security breach. I do this by taking a deep dive into the WordPress backend and looking for anything out of the ordinary and areas that could use improvement. The Website Audit service I provide brings to light any issues that may have been previously unknown. This helps my clients by creating a clearly defined action plan and prioritizing the most critical updates to tackle first. If you want to rest easy knowing your site is doing all it can while you're away, I invite you to fill out the contact form to get started.

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