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The Daily Scan: A Journalism Microsite
for Providence Health Care

Phantom Freelance built a new microsite for Providence Health Care to culminate their content into an "online newsroom". The new website is now a go-to source of factual and authoritative information for the media and the public.

Providence Health Care Journalism Microsite The Daily Scan

Serving the Health Care Community

While building out the new microsite for Providence Health Care, I took into consideration their need for strongly related content, ability to share stories across multiple different social media platforms, and having good searchability within the site to find stories quicker. Additionally an E-Newsletter was setup using MailChimp, that allows visitors of the site to request weekly updates based on one or more of the six populations of emphasis: Heart / Lung, Kidney & Renal, Mental Health, Seniors, HIV / AIDS, Urban Health.

Keryn developed a clean, user-friendly site that reflects PHC well.
Ann Gibbon
Providence Health Care Journalism Microsite The Daily Scan

Providence Health Care

Located in Vancouver Canada, Providence Health Care is one of the country’s largest Catholic health care organizations. It operates 17 sites, including St. Paul’s Hospital, and serves as a health and wellness resource for families, patients and residents from all parts of the province.

providence health care



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