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Developing and deploying ML and data science projects

Outerbounds needed a dedicated blog to compliment their main website and keep the focus on the stories. Phantom Freelance converted the designs into a custom WordPress theme that is clean, elegant and quick to load.

Outerbounds Website

Committed to open-source

Outerbounds project started off strong with well designed Figma files that were converted to a useable WordPress theme. Beaver Builder was used as the framework for the site to make editing by the client straightforward and effortless. The main posts page was built with multiple custom queries to break up content and inject featured stories. Special attention was made to the individual blog pages as these would be the bread and butter of the website. Custom styling for drop caps; automatic rounded edges for photos to match styling; social media sharing links; and a custom feature that allows the user to copy a block of code paired with a syntax hi-lighter to match the theme colors.


Step Computing, Inc.

Outerbounds roots are at Netflix, where they started Metaflow – an open-source framework that helps people with diverse domain expertise design, experiment, and deliver data-intensive projects that make a difference.




Web Development

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